Testimonials from past purchasers

RB Cathouse

We took the kitten to our vet this morning.  He said he’s pwrfect.  He told me we got a great kitten and said the breeder
obviously knows what she’s doing.  He accepted the shot records with no problem.  We have his next shots scheduled for 2
weeks from now.  We named him Liberty by the way.  He’s snuggled up to me and purring very content as I type this.  Thank
you again. 4/2016  Rob  
By the way Little Liberty is doing great.   He’s the sweetest cat.  He sleeps with my youngest every night.   It’s like he has an
internal clock and goes upstairs every night at Grant’s bedtime and is waiting for him in his bed.
It’s worked out great because Gray took it really hard when we had to put down our 19 year old cat.  Liberty has really filled that
empty spot for him.6/2017

Rhonda….. this is going to be VERY loved and spoiled cat!  I’m sure glad I came across your website.

Here is a close up of Brie, she truly is a Beautiful cat.  I was very lucky to have come across your name and buy her from you.

It’s been a week now so I wanted to give you an update on my Gypsy Rose.  She’s settling in very well, and is a lot more
confident now of her new surroundings. She is very playful and curious and spends most of her time exploring, pouncing, and
playing with her toys. She has learned to climb her cat tree and as a result has discovered the windowsill!  She appears to be
happy and content, she’s eating well and using her litter box consistently throughout the day and night.  No health issues, just
a little bit of tearing which I contribute to the normal kitten tearing.  She lets me brush her every day and loves to cuddle. All in
all I’d say she’s happy, healthy, beautiful , and very very sweet – couldn’t ask for more!  The whole family has fallen in love with
Thank you, MS Seattle, WA

Rhonda, I wanted to let you know Snowbell is doing great!  My kids are so in love with him they don’t want to leave him alone for
5 seconds.  He is so loving and a peaceful kitty too.  He slept most of the night last night.  I think my six year old wore him out
playing with him so much.  Thank you again for meeting us yesterday so we didn’t have to drive all the way to your house.  And
thank you for all the care you take with your cats, it shows!!
SH Arkansas

Just wanted to give you a more specific report on the kitty.  
We picked him up on Friday afternoon as scheduled.  We put him in the back seat of the truck, opened the crate, and waited for
him to come out when he was ready.  After a couple of minutes he came out, briefly walked around the backseat and then
quickly proceeded to my husband’s lab, rolled over on his back and waited for my husband to rub his belly–wow!  My 5 yr old
cat doesn’t even let us do that!  The kitty was not freaked out from the flight at all–he was very relaxed, calm, and very loving
right away.  What a loverboy he is!!  And he loves attention!
Our female cat at home Chloe is still adjusting, but they are doing better than I expected.  Her hissing and growling is getting
less and less.  The new kitty is not afraid of her at all and tries to love on Chloe but Chloe is a bit distant still (although getting
Everything has checked out with the vet.  The vet said he is very socialized–the kitty was very friendly with the vet too.
JT California

I just got my baby girl 2 weeks ago from RB Cat House.  She is beautiful, full of energy, and very healthy.  I would recommend
this breeder to anyone, she is amazing and knows exactly what she is doing.  My baby girl, Bella makes me smile every time I
look at her and she cracks me up when she plays.  The joy she brings me is worth twice the money I paid.  I had no problem
justifying the cost to my husband after I showed him other breeders websites. He loves her as much as I do and we argue
over who gets to hold her.  She likes to sleep on his side of the bed, but during the day she is a mama’s girl. I love my kitten,
Bella and wish I would have gotten two kittens.  

Rhonda,     Just a short note to thank you for your help with the kittens.  I’ve attached some pictures.  The “boys”,  as we
affectionately refer to them are flourishing,  and Ginger couldn’t be happier with them.  They are beautiful and are really a
couple of characters.  They are being spoiled as happens with every animal that comes into our home.  By the way, I think it
was a good thing to take the two of them.  They love being and playing together.  Thanks again for your help!   KC

We are so thrilled with the two Persian male kittens we purchased from you.   Malibu and Martini are gorgeous ~ with the
sweetest dispositions
 that we have ever seen. Our friends (some non cat lovers ~ now converted) cannot believe how lovely
and sweet they are!
I spent months researching breeds, then breeders and 
feel fortunate that we found youit has been a perfect match. We
appreciate that fact that you allowed us to visit your home and play with the parents of your kittens, and for allowing our kids to
see and cuddle with other kittens, already spoken for. We love the fact that your kittens were
 raised “underfoot” with love and
affection from you and Karl. 
You were always there for us when we had questions… (And still are). We are so glad that we
waited for the perfect kittens for our family.  Beth, Keith, Alysha and Nicholas and, Martini and Malibu “

“We found Rhonda’s website and immediately made contact. 
She was very willing to have us come over and see the litter
she had available. We chose a female Silver Shaded, the kitten was 1.5 weeks old. Therefore, it was important for us to make
weekly visits to see our kitten for bonding purposes. Rhonda was always available whenever we called. She opened her home
to us and as the weeks went on, it was almost like we became part of her family. 
She answered all of our questions with
knowledge and expertise
. When the time came for us to take our kitten home, she supplied us with all of the health
information and a daily schedule of feeding. 
She continued to be a part of our kittens’ life well after the purchase date. I feel
this shows a real compassion for the animal and genuine love of the breed. 
It wasn’t just a “paycheck” to her. We would
highly recommend Rhonda to other’s who have a fondness for Persian cats. 
They are the most gorgeous cats with great
personalities and temperament, we have ever seen.
”  Deanne

“I have purchased two kittens from Rhonda, one two years ago, and a second one a few months ago.  
Both are beautiful cats
with sweet and loving personalities.
  They are a delight to have around.  I appreciate the fact that they have been raised in a
family environment, and that I was able to visit and get acquainted with them before I brought them home.  
Both cats have been in excellent health.  In fact, when I took the new kitten in for his last set of shots, the vet asked me
where I got him.  When I told her, she commented that kittens from that breeder were always very healthy. 
  I would
wholeheartedly recommend kittens from this breeder.”  E.B.

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